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Keel Creek Ranch

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533 acres of wildlife habitat on the Coal/Pittsburg County line.

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The ranch is located on a dead end road, less than 10 miles from the McAlester Army ammunition plant management hunting area.

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The McAlester Army ammunition plant management hunting area is known for monster whitetail bucks. 

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The owner says the ranch has the capability to run 35+ cow-calf pairs.

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This ranch, near Wardville, Oklahoma, is a hot spot for hunting ranches.

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There are 2 creeks on the property.   The one creek is drainage from water runoff and does go dry.  The main creek, Keel Creek, runs most of the year.  The owner says that in extreme drought, he has seen the creek stop flowing, but, it still had water in holes in the creek.

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                                     There are 4 nice ponds on the ranch.                          

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There is one gas well on the property.  When the well was being dug, a really nice all weather road was built that allows access to almost all of the ranch in any weather condition.

The adjacant property owner has easement across a section of the ranch.

Priced at $2250/acre

For more information, please call of text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308

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