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Boggy Depot River Ranch

4998 South Park Lane   Atoka, Oklahoma 74525

330+/- lush productive acres along the Clear Boggy River.

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The property is located just West of Boggy Depot State Park.  Blacktop road is in front of the property.

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The Clear Boggy River borders the NE portion of the property.  One of the rarest things this place has is an area in the river that is a completely solid rock bottom....a feature we have never seen in the Clear Boggy River.  You can literally drive a truck and park in the middle of Boggy when the river is at normal capacity.

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One of the best things about Clear Boggy River botooms is the amount of wildlife that traverse along the riverbanks.   Some areas along the river are prone to flood.  With just a little work one could  make an excellent area for duck sloughs.                

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The property is loaded with whitetail deer and turkey.  Neighbors to the North are mostly timber which helps make this place a sanctuary for game.  Adjacent timber land can be purchased.

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The owner is currently running 75 cow/calf pairs.  There is an overhead feed bin.

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It is hard to find a prettier picture than a bottom covered with Pecan trees.

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The insulated shop is 30' x 40' with 14' walls.  There is a 102' x 24' covered shed off of the shop for equipment.

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The house is a 2006 double wide moble home with 1800 sq. ft.   It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and great covered front and back porches.

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The property has some beautiful building sites just east of the current home that would be ideal to build a new homethe would overlook the amazing bottoms this property has.

Priced at $3,000/acre

Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 for more information and to schedule your viewing.

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