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Raney Ranch

Less than 20 minutes from the Legendary HOCHATOWN near Beavers Bend at Broken Bow, Oklahoma!

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Raney Ranch has a total of 504 acres. The Ranch has two large pond/lakes on it, plus, one small pond, with a spring fed creek that meanders through the property.  One of the ponds is approximately 10 acres in size.

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The property is approximately 35% timber and 65% cleared and will run 150 cows.  There is an abundance of wildlife.  Ducks tend to flock to the lakes.

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A dead end private lane takes you to a three (3) bedroom, bath and a half cabin/home.  There are custom cabinets, porches and a scenic view of one of the large lakes.  The home is on rural water, PSO electric and has an aerobic system.  There is a buried propane tank and is plumbed for propane to the gas logs and cooking stove. 

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Priced at $1,612,800.00 ($3200/acre)

For more information and to schedule your tour, call 918-557-5308

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