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918 surveyed acres of unmatched beauty and serenity!

Located northeast of Antlers, Oklahoma (the deer capitol of the world)

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A unique and secluded ranch with views that will take your breath away!

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Clear Robinson Creek runs through the northern end of the property.  Approximately 50 acres of the property lie across the creek.

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The property is home to large mature deer, a healthy population of Eastern turkey, some quail and, maybe, a black bear!   Lots of topography and a view for miles.

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The property is easily accessed by a county maintained road.

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There are lots of roads and tails to access all of the property.

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The seller has recently cleared several areas to plant summer food plots and/or areas to park a camper or build a cabin.

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There are over 160 acres of mature pine timber.  This could give a buyer some nice income in the next 10 years.

The neighbor to the North has over 30,000 acres and an easement over the North end of this property.  There are no other easements on the property.  The neighbor to the East of this property has over   26,000 acres.

Priced at only $2,000/acre

Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 for more information or to arrange your viewing.

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