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538 acres located North of Coalgate, Oklahoma!

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Over 1/2 mile of Muddy Boggy River Frontage.

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In addition to the river frontage, there are 4 nice ponds.

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Water and electricity are on the property because of the older house.  The house needs quite a bit of work, but could be remodled for a great weekend or hunting cabin.

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The property is currently running 40 head of cows.

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There are 2 gas wells on the South edge of the property.

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There are over 80 feet of elevation changes that range from timbered Oak ridges that overlook bottoms and river bottom thickets.

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This property is used mainly used as a hunting recreational excellent place for a weekend retreat.  One can ride ATVs, camp on the river and hunt turkey, whitetail deer and coyotes!  There are no restrictions on this land.

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Roads and trails throughout the ranch make navigation easy.

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This recreational ranch is priced at $2,000/acre

Call or text Cheyenne at 918-557-5308 to make arrangements for viewing.

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